Basic Obedience Behaviors


Keeping your dog engaged throughout your training sessions is essential to being able to teach a dog behaviors that will be learned with enthusiasm and precision. The more engaged your dog, the more pliable they are and willing to work for you. Creating a positive and exciting environment is the most important part to having a pup that wants to learn. 

Basic Schutzhund Positions

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand 
  • Heel 
  • Heel in Motion
  • Front

These positions can be taught through initially luring. 

  1. Find a high value treat that your dog gets excited about and make sure it is cut up into small pieces.
  2. Call your dog over and everytime he engages with you, mark it ("Yes") and give him a treat.

Chain the Positions Together

  • Sit out of motion
  • Down out of motion
  • Stand out of motion
  • Call to front from a down
  • Heel position from a down
  • Change of speed in the heel (fast, slow, normal)
  • Long down
  • Finish from front to heel position
  • About turn while heeling
  • Halt with a sit
  • Heel around people
  • Heel position with a person on the other side of the dog


2019 BH Routine


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